Rhubarb varieties growing at our Nursery

The following is a list of the varieties we have growing at our nursery. They are not all available at present as some of the rare varieties are limited stocks.

Culinary Varieties

Seedling Streeter Isle of Ely SlO S5
Riverside Giant C89 Kentville Canada Red
Perpetual RHS Linnaeus Rosen Hagan Glaskins Perpetual
Appletons Laxtons No1 Steins JB Coutts
Forcing   Champagne Seedling
Hammonds Early Nash's Supreme Browns Crimson Early Victoria
Stockbridge Mitchell's Royal Muriel Mertons Banner
Donkere Early Cherry S12 Coutts Red Stick
Bloedrede Zoet      
Stockbridge Cropper Mrs McKenzie Mertons Yardstick Irish Apple
Victoria Red Prolific Dawes Champion Dawes Challenge
Cawood Oak Red Victoria Ruby The Appleton
Fenton Special Ramsden Brown's Red Mertons
Cawood Advance Goliath Early Superb Early Devon
Sutton Stockbridge Emerald S2 RSP Seedling
S1 Grandads  Favourite Carters Forcing Stockbridge Bingo
Bedford Scarlet Stockbridge Mertons Grooveless
  Guardsman Broadleaf Crimson
Greengage Strawberry Cutbush's Seedling Hawkes
Evergreen Ex Holt McDonald Mitchell’s Albert Edina
Dawes Challenge Stockbridge Smith Valentine Early Mitchell
Amerikansk Dawes Champion Zwolle Seedling Ex Gledhill
Vinrabarber Mac Red Exhibition Red Reeds Red
Royal Red Cawood Castle Cawood Ensign Seedling Piggott
The Streeter Marshalls Early Collis Ruby Green Jam
Vroege Engelse Stotts Monarch ExBurston Hall Ex Sherburn


Ornamental Varieties

No19 Tetragonopus Collinianum Alexandrae
Palmatum Palmatum Palmatum Flore Raponticum
Atrosanguineum Tanguticum Rubro  
Moorcroftianum Compactum Kialense Australe
Forrestii Wittrockii Palmatum Tataricum
Crassinerium Aluminatum