Current varieties of Rhubarb available for sale

We have many varieties of Rhubarb, although some are very rare and are in limited stocks.

Trade and Grower Enquiries Welcome

The varieties we have for sale to the general public both online and by mail order for Winter 2013-14 are:


Mitchell's Royal Albert x1

This is a traditional mid season variety dating back to around 1882. It has a good flavour and texture. Our plants were used at Chelsea Flower Show 2013 in one of the Show Gardens.

Reeds Red x1

A traditional mid season variety with a nice colour and flavour. A heavy and reliable cropper dating back to the late 1920’s.

Timperley Early x1

An early variety which has been grown commercially for over 50 years. It is reliable and easy to grow and forces well.


Timperley Early x3

The earliest of all the varieties. It has been grown commercially for over 50 years. Is a reliable and easy to grow variety. It forces as well and will provide an outdoor crop. A very good all rounder. Forcing rhubarb produces pale-pink blanched stems that are much more tender and sweet than field grown rhubarb.

Tips for growing your own Forced Rhubarb at home

Home gardeners can achieve the same conditions by using purpose made terracotta forcers or an upturned dustbin or a “Dalek” compost bin, packed with straw, can work very well and are a cheaper option. You need something that shuts out the light and forces the rhubarb into early growth.
However forcing exhausts the plant, so once you have forced one crown it must be rested for two or three years and allowed to grow naturally. Some gardeners just discard the crowns they have forced.

We advise you plant three crowns so that one is recovering from being forced the year before, one is cropping naturally and one is being forced you will be able to have a supply of forced stems every year. However the yield from forced rhubarb is roughly half that of a plant grown outside.
If your rhubarb crowns become too large, lift and identify the large dome-like buds and, using a sharp spade, split into chunks containing 4-5 buds. Replant in enriched soil containing garden compost or manure, making sure that the top of the clump is just above the ground about 75cm apart. Do not pick any stems in the first year or two and always remove any flowering spikes.


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Fresh Rhubarb - available April 2014

Fresh field grown rhubarb stalks

When in season we offer our own field grown rhubarb stalks for sale. This is ideal for Restaurants, Jam or Chutney Making or Home Freezing.

This will be available for sale in April 2014.