The Rhubarb Show

selection of rhubarb from The Rhubarb Show

After the First World War had ended, in 1919 a group of market gardeners got together and in 1920 founded the Leeds and District Market Gardeners Association.

The men who came back from the war needed to establish a living for themselves and their families, by forming an association they could find new place to sell their produce and get help and advice from other growers.

Not all the rhubarb growers were in the Leeds and District Market Gardeners Association. My grandfather, Saville Ramsden was the Secretary for over 25 years.

Timperley Rhubarb at the Show

The members were throughout the Leeds and Wakefield area. The market gardeners grew forced rhubarb to have an income during the winter. The land was too cold and wet to work, so the rhubarb was put into the sheds and gave a crop through the lean winter months.

The Association held an annual rhubarb show in February each year. In 2000 it celebrated its 80th show. There were 22 classes for various types of rhubarb.

Unfortunately the show is no longer held as there are not enough growers to make the show a worthwhile event; a successful cookery competition has replaced the rhubarb show.