News - Autumn 2013

We have had a very busy summer on the Nursery especially whilst we were open to the public. We were open until September selling our Yorkshire Rhubarb and Liquorice plants as well as perennials and bedding plants.

Flower bed entrance Bespoke flower containers


Two new members joined our team; Vic and Andrew who have been working hard with us to increase the stock levels of the Heritage Rhubarb varieties and to look after the Liquorice Garth.

Flower bed entrance Vic busy potting up

The newly refurbished poly tunnel is now home to the young rhubarb plants as well as 5000 pot grown Yorkshire Liquorice Plants. We also have a number of different perennials growing ready for next year.

The warm summer has made the Liquorice Garth plants grow very well. We have had a lot of interest in this from a number of different people.


We visited Jaap Vlaming in Holland to a specialist plant collector who has a number of European varieties of rhubarb which we do not have.

Jaap Vlaming


We are now busy lifting the rhubarb crowns, splitting them and planting bare root sets in the fields to provide more stock of the commercial varieties.

Looking ahead to next year:

We are attending the Edible Garden Show at Alexander Palace 28th-30th March -

We reopen to the public April 2014. If you would like to visit please contact us and we will make arrangements to see you.


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